The Department of Architectural Technology of the UPC was created in July 2015, as the result of the union of the departments of Architectural Construction I and the Department of Architectural Structures.  On February 26 of 2017 it was unified with the department of Architectural Constructions II. This new department is structured in three sections: ETSAB, ETSAV and EPSEB. 

The general field of knowledge contemplated by the Department is the analysis, application and sustainable development of the arts, sciences, techniques and law of Architectural Construction. 

The degree and masters offered are taught in the following areas of knowledge:

  • Legal Architecture and Management
  • Conditioning and Services
  • Construction
  • Architectural Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Architectural Structures
  • Materials 
  • Mathematical Architecture

The education profile expected by the Department involves three basic objectives:

  • To provide the students with the technical knowledge necessary for the development of their projects. 
  • To provide the future architects with the necessary knowledge and tools, both technical and derived from law, for the correct construction, rehabilitation and conditioning of buildings and urban facilities.
  • Open optional routes for future specialists in the multiple fields that the department covers. 

All these objectives are achieved in theoretical, practical and workshop classes in laboratory (in collaboration with the Department of Projects) trying to achieve a balance between the most conceptual and empirical-visual aspects and those with a more analytical and physical-mathematic nature.